Shoshana Michel

When Shoshana was seven years old, a door-to-door salesman for a local music studio knocked on her front door. Her parents signed her up for music lessons, starting her first on the accordion then adding piano lessons soon after. Classically trained, Shoshana discovered ragtime while in high school when the movie “The Sting” came out and was instantly hooked. She started her professional music career at the age of 17 playing honky-tonk/ragtime piano at Shakey’s Pizza Parlors and the following year was hired by Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California as a ragtime pianist in their new Roaring 20’s section.

Throughout the years, Shoshana has played different genres of music at different venues. She has played ragtime at The Old Town Mall in Torrance California, accompanied the melodramas at The Bird Cage Theatre in Knott’s Berry Farm, served as piano accompanist for many musical productions and played contemporary solo piano at The Galleria at South Bay in Redondo Beach, California.

Shoshana fell in love with New Age solo piano music in 1990, listening to and playing music by pianists David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani, Jim Chappell and others. She was so inspired by their music that she wrote her first piano solo, “Heather, Roses and Moonlight”, for a piano student who shared her love of New Age solo piano. Very soon after, however, feeling that she couldn’t compose, she stopped writing music entirely.

Shoshana discovered Chabad nigunim, songs of Jewish Eastern European origin, and started arranging and playing these beautiful melodies. The positive responses of listeners, moved by her soulful renditions of the nigunim, encouraged her to record and produce her debut solo piano album, Soul Whispers, in 2015. Music from Soul Whispers has been used by Jewish Education Media in several of their documentaries and was nominated for 2015 Album of the Year.

Soon after Soul Whispers was released, she felt the need to prove herself as a composer, not just as an arranger or pianist. Determined to compose, she sat down at the piano and after a few tries, the music began to flow. The blocks that had been preventing her from composing for twenty-four years were starting to dissolve. It was as if the flood gates opened and now she couldn’t write down the music fast enough. The result of this ‘flood of music’ became her debut album as a composer, Dancing on the Wind, which was released in 2016 to an enthusiastic and positive audience. Dancing on the Wind was nominated for Whisperings Album of the Year, One World Music Radio’s Solo Piano Album of the year, Album of the Year and won a Global Peace Song Award for her composition “When Leaves Dance”.

Inspired by the overwhelming response to Dancing on the Wind, Shoshana continued to compose and in 2017 released Prelude to a Dream, her third solo piano album and her second as a composer. Prelude to a Dream was nominated for Enlightened Piano Radio Album of the Year and won One World Music Radio’s Solo Piano Album of the Year.

Reflection, Shoshana’s fourth solo piano album, was released in 2019. The piano solos in this album were born out of finding herself as a composer and experiencing life’s challenges.

Shoshana’s music can be heard on Sirus XM radio, Calm Radio, Sleep Radio, The River of Calm, Pandora, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, and many other stations worldwide. Her music can also be heard up in the sky on several international airline’s inflight entertainment programs. Shoshana’s playing has been described as “graceful and flowing” and “refined and elegant”. Her music stirs the heart and touches the soul. Shoshana feels that music is healing and is passionate about sharing her music with others. She currently resides with her human and avian family in Brooklyn, New York.

Jennifer DeFrayne

Jennifer is a multi-award winning, self-taught pianist and composer. Her music is relaxing and inspirational and is best described as Contemporary Instrumental or New Age. Her debut album “By A Wire” earned Jennifer the ‘Best New Artist’ from the ZMR’s in 2014 and her most recent album “Sisu” was awarded ‘Best Piano with Instrumentation’ at the 2017 ZMR’s (as well as winning other awards).

Jennifer was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she began writing her own music very young. She eschewed the more typical classical lessons, opting instead for crafting her own original melodies, inspired by the surrounding beauty of her physical world as well as her emotional connections to her family. During favorable weather, neighbors would request that the family leave their windows open to allow Jennifer’s melodies to reach into their homes.
One of several musical turning points came when, while playing at a local art gallery as a teenager, the gallery owner compared her music to George Winston’s (who was unknown to Jennifer at the time). Needless to say, the discovery that others “out there” embraced her style of music propelled her to explore a more concrete vision of performing and recording.

Her dream was halted when the family experienced a series of tragic losses in succession. During this time of loss she turned to the piano and writing music to heal. Years later, Jennifer started a family, and all was going well until adversity intruded yet again. She suffered a debilitating stroke, impacting her movement, memory and speech. Her truest companion, her beloved piano, had to sit silent even as melodies continued to spring forth in her still active mind. Over the course of several years, Jennifer gradually “reemerged” from her stroke’s cocoon, and reconnected with the beloved instrument. While recovering, she also came to discover an affinity for the physical healing arts, and she began studies in Massage Therapy and Reiki, uncovering in herself a deep-rooted desire to aid others in their respective healings through both her therapeutic practices and her music.

Realizing how short and precious life is, she posted one of her original piano pieces on The New Age Music Circle website where she was “discovered” by Australian pianist and recording artist Fiona Joy Hawkins who then put Jennifer in touch with legendary producer/guitarist Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill Records). In 2013 Jennifer journeyed to Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studio and recorded her first album “By A Wire”.

Amidst all the hardships of recent years, serendipity gifted something wonderful to the talented pianist and healing arts practitioner. As a result of recording “By A Wire”, Jennifer met Grammy winning producer and engineer Corin Nelsen. The meeting bloomed into friendship, which evolved into much more, and the two are now happily married. They worked together on Jennifer’s most recent album ‘Sisu’ which has won several awards and continues to reach listeners around the world.

Jen and Corin reside in Oxford, Michigan with Jennifer’s two children where the couple balances their musical careers with parenthood and working on new music.

Jennifer’s music can be heard on Sirius XM Radio, Calm Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more stations and streaming services worldwide. For more about Jennifer visit her website:

Miguel Pérez

He has his first contact with music in the Youth Music Band of the Miraflores and Gibraljaire Schools of Malaga, his hometown, where he graduated later as Professor of Solfeggio, Theory of Music, Transposition and Accompaniment, and Superior Professor. of Tuba.

Since 1990 he composes in very different formats that he publishes and premieres all over the world, writing music for radio, television, cinema, and all kinds of shows.

With Miguel Pérez Consort recorded in 1999 Deus Meus, his first album, which will be followed by a monograph with his compositions dedicated to the Holy Week in Malaga recorded by the Municipal Band of Malaga in 2006.

In 2010 he decided to continue his solo career and recorded Biotza, his first work as a composer and piano performer. This work is followed by Oporto (2013), Amanay (2015), Siroco (2017), Amaltea (2019), and Thirty Years Writing Music (2020), in which he re-recorded a selection of his most recent piano work.

Based in Fuerteventura since 2007, he currently combines teaching with his work as a composer.

Andy Tallent

Andy has spent nearly his entire life at the piano. Throughout the past 40 years, Andy has developed his unique touch allowing him to be at home creating peaceful piano compositions or modern instrumental pieces. He is a classically trained pianist that has also developed roots in jazz, contemporary classical, new age, gospel and modern worship. 

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Michele Nobler

Michele Nobler had always a passion for music since childhood, even before knowing how to read the notes already expressed himself playing his original improvisations. He considers music linked to images and more in general to the perception of the world through “sound images”. This passion, encouraged by Mo. Antonio Del Lungo (at the Music Association Vincenzo Galilei), accompanied him during his 5 years of study at the Conservatory Composition Experimental School L. Cherubini in Florence (Mo. Rosario Mirigliano). Later he begins to work as a photographer, for some agencies, and as a freelancer. Photography and images represent for him the completion of the sound. He is dedicated to a technical work in electronics and telecommunication.
This latest work has stimulated his interest in electronic music, and took himto a level of competency in studio recording, mixing, and managing the audio streams. This will make it free to check the whole creative process, from composition, through writing, and finally the recording and publication of the works. During all these periods his music remains unpublished, while at the end of 2016 he decided to begin to make public some of his works.The first to be released is the single “Whales Cathedral”, then the EP “Renaissance” and in 2017 “Suspended Souls” album. In 2018 he published “Mirages”, “Love Songs” (with Double J Music), “Piano Classics” (with Double J Music) and “The Music Box”. He start 2019 with the single “Rheaven” published by Mellotron Music (Ameritz).


Music producer from Sweden.

My musical journey started when I received an old guitar. After learning the basics, I wanted to be able to record myself playing into the computer, and that’s when I found Ableton. This is where I started to experiment and learning about synthesis and music production in general.

My main genres include Synthwave, Lo-Fi and Ambience. I love experimenting with different sounds and effects in Ableton trying to come up with new unique soundscapes. I’m currently working on a new album which will be centered around synthwave with a space theme.

Phillip Wilkerson

Phillip Wilkerson was raised in a musical family and taught to appreciate and create music from a young age. He plays piano, guitar, and drums, and in his mid-twenties began experimenting with digital synthesizers. 

Since 2005, he recorded and released  ambient music focusing on contemplative soundscapes, spacious atmospheres, and electronic drones. 
His compositions can be heard on ambient radio stations and programs worldwide and is available for listening on all major streaming services. Downloads are also available. 

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Note: @philwilkerson is the primary or “official” twitter account, but you found me through @Suntracer96, which I use almost exclusively for posting my Spotify-related links. I also use @Suntrac3r as a secondary twitter account. 

William Haviland

William is a pianist/composer whose style fuses the genres of popular, and contemporary classical music. Originally from the UK, he is currently living and working in South Korea.

Classically trained in London, he has since strayed from the rigidities of the musical score, and now tries to embrace more flexibility in performance. His heroes include Chopin, Ravel, Elton John, Paul Simon, John Williams, and Keith Jarrett. He is especially fond of the body of work known as the ‘Great American Songbook’.

William initially studied piano at the Blackheath Conservatoire, before accepting an offer to read Classical Music at King’s College London. Since graduation, he has worked as a teacher, performer, and recording artist.

His latest work was released on December 7, 2018. It is a concept album, focusing on various aspects of time – hence the name: Timepiece.

William is an avid YouTuber, and enjoys posting cover versions of popular songs to his channel. His ultimate dream: to record a soundtrack for film/television!

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Patiotic as a brand has been used to show my music to the world, and not just my music, as I have been getting more followers and fans, I have been able to help other emerging artists to get to know their music through my networks, which are not so wide, but all help is useful at the time of beginning.

At year 2018, I signed a contract with Altafonte Music Network, who manage my catalog and present my music to achieve my dream, which is being able to compose for TV, film, documentaries, etc.

I remember my 15 years or even less, listening to great compositions for movies made by James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, and others without even having seen the movies.

I think what I like the most about how the industry has evolved is the globalization of communications, today you can be in Chile, Canada, Singapore, anywhere in the world, and you can connect with people and make music without even knowing the other person, but the music connects, transmits emotions and common themes, that without knowing the person on the other side of the world, allows you to work together for the same objective, to transmit to the world your feelings, wishes, desires and ideals. That’s what I like the most about the music I do, being able to meet many people with the same interests. For example, I’ve made music which has been sung by artists from the USA, Canada, Singapore, Spain, among other places without leaving my recording studio. Which it was unthinkable a few years ago, today this is possible and opens up a world of creative possibilities, which also leads to help many emerging artists, or simply to connect with your fans in a way that was previously impossible. It makes the artist a person, and not just a brand, and I love that.

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Lorenzo Cimino

Is an Italian trumpet player and composer (La Spezia, 17 settembre 1967)
He graduated at the Conservatory of Music “N.Paganini”, has completed specialization studies with Pierre Thibaud, Mauro Maur, Antoine Curè. Teacher of Musical Instrument in Middle School and Music High School. He has taught at the University of Pisa , Conservatory of Bologna, Istituto Boccherini Lucca. He made numerous recordings on behalf of Rai and won the audition for the first trumpet in the orchestra of the Fermo Festival. He has carried out an intense concert activity, founding and working for ten years the Ensemble Giacinto Scelsi, also performing numerous compositions in the first absolute performance, many composers have dedicated pieces to his trumpet as: Giorgio Gaslini, Luciano Chailly, Pietro Grossi, Marco Betta , Piero Luigi Zangelmi, Claudio Josè Boncompagni, Fernando Mencherini, Gaetano Giani Luporini, Giovanni Sollima,  and many othersHe has participated in the following Festivals and Reviews: Anfiteatro Jazz (Lucca); Bologna Sogna (Bologna); Serate Musicali (Milano); in Germany Unna, Ludenscheid and Bochum for the review Neue Kammermusik; Romaeuropa; Trieste Contemporanea, Goethe Institut; Manzoni Theater (Pistoia); Teatro delle Erbe (Milan); Teatro del Giglio (Lucca); Municipal Theater (Noto); Teatro Comunale (Florence); Teatro Verdi (Pisa), Civic Theater (La Spezia), Sconfinando (Sarzana), Pacini Theater (Pescia), Cathedral (Cefalù), Sirmione for La Grande Estate, Estate Spezzina, Pescara Teatro S.Andrea, Leonardi V idea Genoa, , Sestri Levante Andersen Festival, Piacenza Palazzo Farnese, Quimper (Festival de Cuivre), Bari Cathedral,.On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dadaism he plays and writes the music of the Performance “WiTz”, the only Italian project awarded by the Dada 100 Foundation in Zurich

DISCOGRAPHY : Voluta Musicale ,  Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca 1992; Amore Pirata  con Lester Bowie  Ed Il Manifesto 1998.Mondo Volato ed Blue Freak 2018

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