Michelle Qureshi

Award-winning Artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically-trained guitarist who brings a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic to her music. Her albums are heard around the world on new age, ambient, and guitar-focused radio programs and playlists, and is licensed on a global platform. Discography Albums: Silver Chord (2018) Short Stories (2018) Seventh Wave […]

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Kip Brockett

Kip Brockett is a guitarist based in Missouri. His primary focus is in the instrumental rock arena, but he is also accomplished in both traditional-based rock and classical guitar. Primary influences include: Shawn Lane, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Kip holds a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis on music theory. […]

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Stuart Blance

Stuart is a solo artist from Perth, Scotland. His influences are widespread and include artists such as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Donovan and Paul Simon. Stuart released his debut album Utopia in 2001 via the internet on his label Resemblance records which gained Stuart some excellent feedback from various sources. He has played in Glasgow, […]

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