• Anna Sutyagina posted an update 1 week ago

    Bon voyage – wish you a pleasant trip – is the title of the New Piano Composition by the American composer Andrey Lubimtsev. This New Piano piece reflects modern times and zeitgeisty music for which I am searching as artistic director of MOVING CLASSICS TV. Travel moods have always been a source of inspiration for composers. While Beethoven has expressed in his composition “Les Adieus” – “The Farewells” the mature emotions of absence and seeing again with highly differentiated music, the New Piano Music has another idea and intention. In a highly complex world, it wants to bring back simplicity, light-heartedness, memories about good old times and optimism. As an interpreter, I was carried away by the positive mood of this music and was taken on a journey. I hope to be able to transfer this feeling also to my listeners.” https://youtu.be/qTq9Td3zHjo

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