Less Records Colelctive is a  musicians, playlists curators, independent labels network with a common goal.; promote his music, At a time when streaming music has become the main music listening channel. The collaboration between these agents means for the musician the possibility of reaching more listeners through the inclusion of their music in playlist. For playlist curators, maintaining a relationship with musician gives them the initial promotion boost needed to reach listeners. Musicians become the main promoters of these playlists and their main listeners and followers. For record labels, playlists become the main means of promoting their artists. From Less Collective Records, we offer the necessary support to establish this communication and favor it beyond a simple automatic song inclusion system, so our system results in a 100% organic promotion.

No, the activity that performs less records is related to the promotion and musical marketing of the 21st century. A promotion through the internet and social networks. It therefore acts as a community music manager, and advertising advice for musicians, playlists curators and independent labels. It is therefore a digital medium for music promotion.

Yes. Less Records Collective, through lessrecords.com, offers a totally free promotional service, there is a membership from Patreon through which you can contribute to the maintenance of the website in an absolutely voluntary way.

No, it is not mandatory to register but it is advisable to access all the potential and website functionality. There are playlist curators who make exclusive use of our internal messaging service, so through registration, communication and access with these curators is improved.

Less records Collective has become a great network. Our vision is to make Less Records Collective an open network, therefore, the promotion is done through  inclusion your music in the playlist. This inclusion is done through requests to the curators themselves, who in our network are usually the musicians themselves. Each playlist published on our website contains a contact link, so you can freely request that your music be included in that playlist. Once the request is made and your music is included, it is advisable to follow, listen and share the playlist in all the media that are within your reach, in this way, you promote your music at the same time as the playlist.

The vast majority of playlist curators do not receive any benefits for including your music, beyond the listening and promotion they may receive from you. So Listen, Follow & Share.

If you have any questions, write to us at: info@lessrecords.com

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