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     Shawn Dall 

    Hey guys! So to make it easier to sort songs to go into my OTHER playlists I have decided to make a playlist inbox for people to submit their music to, where I can then just sort from that pile and put things into their respective playlists:

    it is a collaborative playlist so you must follow it first and then right click your songs and add to playlist and it should show up. Only 3 songs per person at any one time – any more will be deleted so that it doesn’t just become massively unwieldy. Thanks!

    Here are the playlists that the songs will be considered for:

    Emotional songs – intense emotional songs – with vocals:

    Soothing sounds – calm relaxing music – no vocals, minimal beat if any

    Chronamut’s Piano only Playlist: mostly piano – minimal backing orchestral

    Chronamut’s Videogame music: all music that are made for games or remixed/covered from games

    The most Intense EDM music – anthem synth music form the 90s and some new dance music with an intense beat

    thanks guys! Just makes me job easier 🙂


     Steven Semeraro 

    Hey, thanks for inviting me to join this group. I will add a collaborative playlist that I run called Club Life –

    Also submitted a new song to your consideration list. I think it would fit the emotional song list. Thanks again. Steve

     Shawn Dall 

    no problem man! Be sure to make your own separate thread for your playlist as well man! As that playlist fills up I shall consider songs from it for my other playlists – in the meantime it can get exposure on this playlist itself 🙂

     The Blue Gates Project 

    Thank you so much for inviting me! I followed the playlist, and right clicked my song to add the list, but the playlist doesnt show up! Sorry, I couldnt!

     Shawn Dall 

    it won’t work if you are using the web version – only the actual desktop app or spotify app – I tried to add a song to a collaborative playlist as well using the desktop app and it simply didn’t show up – but when i tried the spotify app it did.

    Hope that helps! As you can see above ther eisn’t anything wrong with the playlist itself as 2 people have already added songs to it 🙂

    the web version is just a stripped down version of spotify without all the uses of spotify.

    • This reply was modified 1 week, 6 days ago by  Shawn Dall.
    • This reply was modified 1 week, 6 days ago by  Shawn Dall.
     Shawn Dall 

    are you using the web version of spotify?

     Andea Carri 

    I can’t manage to find that playlist. Could you please paste the link?

     Shawn Dall 

    you can’t link it here without it becoming a spotify playlist.

    See that little spotify icon at the top right of the playlist? Click it and it will open it either in the web version or in the spotify app for you 🙂

    actually let me try..

    there we go 🙂

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