Michele Nobler had always a passion for music since childhood, even before knowing how to read the notes already expressed himself playing his original improvisations. He considers music linked to images and more in general to the perception of the world through “sound images”. This passion, encouraged by Mo. Antonio Del Lungo (at the Music Association Vincenzo Galilei), accompanied him during his 5 years of study at the Conservatory Composition Experimental School L. Cherubini in Florence (Mo. Rosario Mirigliano). Later he begins to work as a photographer, for some agencies, and as a freelancer. Photography and images represent for him the completion of the sound. He is dedicated to a technical work in electronics and telecommunication.
This latest work has stimulated his interest in electronic music, and took himto a level of competency in studio recording, mixing, and managing the audio streams. This will make it free to check the whole creative process, from composition, through writing, and finally the recording and publication of the works. During all these periods his music remains unpublished, while at the end of 2016 he decided to begin to make public some of his works.The first to be released is the single “Whales Cathedral”, then the EP “Renaissance” and in 2017 “Suspended Souls” album. In 2018 he published “Mirages”, “Love Songs” (with Double J Music), “Piano Classics” (with Double J Music) and “The Music Box”. He start 2019 with the single “Rheaven” published by Mellotron Music (Ameritz).

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