Jennifer is a multi-award winning, self-taught pianist and composer. Her music is relaxing and inspirational and is best described as Contemporary Instrumental or New Age. Her debut album “By A Wire” earned Jennifer the ‘Best New Artist’ from the ZMR’s in 2014 and her most recent album “Sisu” was awarded ‘Best Piano with Instrumentation’ at the 2017 ZMR’s (as well as winning other awards).

Jennifer was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she began writing her own music very young. She eschewed the more typical classical lessons, opting instead for crafting her own original melodies, inspired by the surrounding beauty of her physical world as well as her emotional connections to her family. During favorable weather, neighbors would request that the family leave their windows open to allow Jennifer’s melodies to reach into their homes.
One of several musical turning points came when, while playing at a local art gallery as a teenager, the gallery owner compared her music to George Winston’s (who was unknown to Jennifer at the time). Needless to say, the discovery that others “out there” embraced her style of music propelled her to explore a more concrete vision of performing and recording.

Her dream was halted when the family experienced a series of tragic losses in succession. During this time of loss she turned to the piano and writing music to heal. Years later, Jennifer started a family, and all was going well until adversity intruded yet again. She suffered a debilitating stroke, impacting her movement, memory and speech. Her truest companion, her beloved piano, had to sit silent even as melodies continued to spring forth in her still active mind. Over the course of several years, Jennifer gradually “reemerged” from her stroke’s cocoon, and reconnected with the beloved instrument. While recovering, she also came to discover an affinity for the physical healing arts, and she began studies in Massage Therapy and Reiki, uncovering in herself a deep-rooted desire to aid others in their respective healings through both her therapeutic practices and her music.

Realizing how short and precious life is, she posted one of her original piano pieces on The New Age Music Circle website where she was “discovered” by Australian pianist and recording artist Fiona Joy Hawkins who then put Jennifer in touch with legendary producer/guitarist Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill Records). In 2013 Jennifer journeyed to Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studio and recorded her first album “By A Wire”.

Amidst all the hardships of recent years, serendipity gifted something wonderful to the talented pianist and healing arts practitioner. As a result of recording “By A Wire”, Jennifer met Grammy winning producer and engineer Corin Nelsen. The meeting bloomed into friendship, which evolved into much more, and the two are now happily married. They worked together on Jennifer’s most recent album ‘Sisu’ which has won several awards and continues to reach listeners around the world.

Jen and Corin reside in Oxford, Michigan with Jennifer’s two children where the couple balances their musical careers with parenthood and working on new music.

Jennifer’s music can be heard on Sirius XM Radio, Calm Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more stations and streaming services worldwide. For more about Jennifer visit her website:

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