Spanish singer-songwriter and poet Fatima Rü was born in Algeciras, Cadiz, in May 1968 to a mother who loved copla —Spain’s popular folk songs— and a father who revered Federico
Garcia Lorca. Thus, unsurprisingly, she draws inspiration mainly from flamenco and Andalusian poets and landscapes.

At 14 she began writing and composing her first songs, and she was awarded her first poetry prize when she was still a teenager. In the 80s she moved to Madrid. In 1990 she wrote Poemas al séptimo mes (Poems On The Seventh Month), later on Soleá, and finally, in 2000, Letras con música (Words With Music), a compilation of the lyrics in her songs. Her latest book of poems, La piel del aire (Air’s Skin) was
finished in 2015.

Her first recording dates back to 2003, a joint effort with the flamenco fussion band Yarvaday. She has also been a member of the world-music ensemble Las Lavanderas since 2007, and has worked with a variety of artists both on studio and live. She was part of the flamenco group Al Tres por Medio in 2012
and was featured as a solo artist in the 2017 and 2018 Lunas Flamencas Festivals. She has been training as a flamenco singer at Casa Patas School of Music and Amor de Dios Flamenco Center. In the spring of 2019, she and Espiral Theater Company staged Lorca Flamenco: Registros profundos del alma
(Flamenco Lorca: Deep Registers of the Soul), a poetry and music show based on the poems and songs of the beloved Spanish poet.

Her second album Mar de lirios (A Sea of Irises) was released in 2018. This is her most personal work to date, a heartfelt journey to the sea landscapes of the southernmost territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, steeped in flamenco, jazz, bolero, and Spanish copla. Her various live shows following the album are receiving an enthusiastic reception.

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