Believed by scientists to have originated over ten thousand years ago, the entity known as Constellation Hypnos offers sci-fi flavored ambient New Age music to life forms across the universe.  Researchers have determined the CH enigma to be neither art nor commerce, theorizing that this bio-mechanical organism of indeterminate origin is an amalgamation of artificial intelligence and chaos energy.  Inspired by the work of Jonn Serrie, Steve Roach, and Liquid Mind, most Constellation Hypnos tracks include a short chapter of a haphazard story line: in essence, traditional musical instruments have been infected by synthesized waveforms, delivering output that transforms listeners’ thought patterns and opens their minds to new levels of consciousness.  

Constellation Hypnos has enjoyed significant airplay on Jango Radio, as well as Moonphase Radio (UK) and the playlists of Less Records Collective.  Standout tracks “Obelisk I – Discovery” and “Extraneous Terrestrial” have become listener favorites, with the latter also being featured on Spotify.  In addition, piano-based songs “Sagittarius Ascendant” and “Intergalactic Dzhaz” have found favor with space music fans in every galaxy.

Unconstrained by earthly desires for profit, Constellation Hypnos can be streamed and enjoyed at the following locations on the Internet:

Supporters can also connect with Constellation Hypnos on Facebook and Twitter — or just look to the stars and send your message.  We are listening.

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