Born in Madrid, he has had a very sui generis musical evolution, since he has been a member of rock, pop and alternative music bands, with which he published several albums.Later he founded the record company ORIGAMI RECORDS with which he launched more than 30 groups to the music scene in Spain and internationally.Over the years his way of seeing the music took a turn to focus on the composition and production of orchestral music of Neoclassic court.It has published 4 discs: Monochrome, Lumine, Singularity, and on March 15, 2019 publishes ADORE. And three singles: North, Once Upon A Girl and Fragile.
Engraved with the string section of the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, ADORE is a work of exquisite but voluptuous forms, of sound care and simple but forceful textures. Qualified by the Huffington Post as “real emotional landscapes”.He is currently preparing several projects, as well as composing for television, digital marketing. He also creates music for different artistic expressions such as Ballet and contemporary dance.

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