French composer who belongs to the new generation having studied at the CCMIX (center created by Iannis Xenakis) and at the Conservatory of Music of Paris. He was professor of electroacoustic composition at the Superior Conservatory of Nice (France) and pedagogical head of the research center of that same city.
His role as an improviser, of international scope, is complemented by research and construction of new instruments and interfaces. Currently, in addition to performing numerous concerts throughout Europe, both as an interpreter and as a composer, he teaches master classes and courses at centers such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University School of Design in Madrid and the LIEM (Laboratory of Computer and Music Electronics) ).

His work covers a wild range of musical aspects : instrumental and electroacoustic composition, improvisation, sound art, fixed media work, live electronics, interactive sound installation, performance, stage and short movie music.

His music is often a theater of analysis and deconstruction of modern society. His work Ce qui aura fait notre solitude (a reflection on men and science confronting nature), Religion du Travail (his first piece in a trilogy dedicated to mediatic and political discourse), and Insomniac (describing the acceptance of daily ordinary violence) are examples of the evocative strength of his work.
His installation work generally confronts borderless spaces, cross-cultural hybridity and identity.

His music can sound harsh and violent, poetic or minimalist, disturbing, political,  low-fi, noise or acousmatic, repetitive, in between radio art or classical composition, found sounds or soundscapes. No style predetermined.

His work has been performed at : Festival Musique en Scène (Lyon), Sonikas (Madrid), MATA Festival (New York), Festival Détours de Babel (Grenoble), MACBA (Barcelona), MNACRS (Madrid), Radical dB (Zaragoza), Festival Nuit Bleue (France), International Computer Music Conference (Belfast), Mixtur Festival (Barcelona), Festival Mars aux Musées (Nice), Festival Push (Suède), Euphonic (Barcelona), Zarata Fest (Madrid), Festival Synthèse (Bourges), CMMAS (Mexique), Centro Centro (madrid), Festival Punto de Encuentro (Madrid, Valencia & Iles Canaries), Festival ENSEM (Barcelona), Festival Jazz Nice OFF (Nice), Festival Zeppelin (Barcelone), Fringe Festival (Madrid), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Colombae), Festival Aix-en Musique (Aix-en-Provence) Festival InSonora (Madrid), Festival Interferences ( Pays-Bas), Flix Festival (Spain), Festival Inverso (Madrid), Jornadas Argentinas de Música Contemporánea (Argentine), Festival Musique et poésie (Paris), Théâtre National de Nice, Festival Primavera en Valencia (Spain), Forum for young European Artists (Luxembourg), CNMAT(Berkeley, USA), MuséeAav (Nice), De Overslaag (Eidhoven), Casa Encendida (Madrid), La Semaine du Son (Nice), Beauty, Horror and Silence Festival (Miami), NoiseFloor Festival (R-U), Museo Universitario Arte Contempoáneo MUAC (Mexique), Festival Sinkro (Espagne)….

Radio broadcasts : France Musique (France), Radio Nacional de España RNE3 (Spain), Radio Clásica (Spain), Radio Libertaire (France), WOBC Radio (USA), Phonogène (France), Acoustic Frontiers (Canada), Elektramusic (France) 

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