Swedish-born Andy Salvanos is recognised as a leading exponent of the 10-string Chapman Stick. His style is refreshingly original yet accessible, and has been described by various reviewers as “the sound of the world”, “intelligent elevator music”, and “Andy McKee with twice the range”. After working as a bass player in Los Angeles, Salvanos made a family-motivated move to Australia, where he built a large fan base as an iconic street musician. He is now a noted solo performer at major events such as Adelaide Guitar Festival and the National Folk Festival, among others. His music can be heard in the South Australian feature film “Charlotte” (2017), and French-produced documentary “The Chookman” (2014). Salvanos has also opened for Canadian singer Jane Siberry (aka Issa) and played bass for Australia’s leading indigenous singer/songwriter Archie Roach on “The Tracker” soundtrack. Andy retains an active performance schedule and a passion for making live music accessible to everyone. He streams live on Facebook on a regular basis, as well as playing music in various public locations, and has a growing audience on Spotify and Apple Music. With seven solo albums to his credit, including the latest release “Solar cycles”, his music continues to evolve and find new listeners.


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