Andrea Carri was born in the province of Reggio Emilia on 23rd January 1990 and he has started playing the piano at the age of six. Furthermore, he has a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and he will discuss his PhD thesis in 2019.

Already in his childhood, he wrote some piano pieces for fun. In 2009 he took up the serious compositional activity and as a result, in 2010 he released his first album titled “Partire” (self-produced). The neoclassical CD suits very well as a soundtrack and manyof its songs are used in short films and promotional videos. In 2012, he released his second album “Stanze Segrete”, (self-produced), and started his live activity with the participation at Piano City Milan.

The real turning point came in 2013 with the release of “Metamorfosi”, his third album funded by donations from his fans via the Net. He then played live for a long tour around Italy (Reggio Emilia, Milan, Naples, Vigevano), Germany (Saarwellingen), Poland (Lodz and Rogow) and the legendary Roundhouse in London, where he also played as a street musician at the St. Pancras station. Many songs of “Metamorfosi” are used as soundtracks for short films, commercials, TV Telecasts (Italia 1 in particular). Then Andrea decided to establish a cooperation with the British artist Subsonic Winter. Andrea played and interpreted his song “The Inner Circle”, which became the soundtrack of the short film “Se l’andava cercando” by Pietro Fabio Fodaro. The film was selected for the “Short Film Corner” of the 67th Film Festival at Cannes as well as for the “Gold Elephant World Film Festival ” at Catania (Special Jury Prize) and many other prestigious events. During the tour, he released two singles, “Together” and “Aprile”, with BePlay Music, a label based at Vigevano.

In April 2014 he founded the “Chronos Studio”, a small concert room, which Andrea uses to host exclusive events and to share his piano with distinguished artists of international reputation (Fabrizio Paterlini and Bruno Bavota are two of them).

Thanks to the ongoing support from his fans (also economically), he published “Chronos”, his fourth album, with the Irish label Psychonavigation Records, during September 2014 (then reissued in 2018 with Memory Recordings with three additional bonus tracks). The album took him on a tour through Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena, Vigevano (Pavia), Chiavenna (Sondrio), Milan (Piano City), Naples (Piano City), Mombaroccio (Pesaro Urbino) and Germany (Munich, Wadgassen, Saarwellingen).

During 2016 he has created “Pedala Piano” together with Francesco Mantovani and Daniele Leoni. This project involves a piano bike (funded by numerous fans on the net) and a new concept of live music: the traveling concerts. During 2017 he published “Shadows”, his new album, through Memory Recordings of Fabrizio Paterlini. Every song is written together with the drummer Francesco Camminati.

The Shadows tour lasted one year around Italy, Germany and Poland. Andrea also loves to reinterpret famous tracks of other artists and publish them through his YouTube channel. “I Play Yours, Vol. 1” and “I Play Yours, Vol. 2” collect the first three year of this project, characterized in particular by the great success of “Fast Car” on Spotify streaming platform. 2019 is characterized by the release of “A Distant Ship”, his new single released with Mellotron (a division of Ameritz Music Group). Andrea regularly plays live also with Goodbye Seventies (80s tribute band), Viva Liga!(Luciano Ligabue tribute band) and Pedala Piano.

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